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Mosquito Prevention Tips:

Fighting Mosquitos can be hard, here are some tips to help you keep your home mosquito-free!

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Mosquitos love to breed in water, they only need a bottle cap full to lay their eggs! Any stagnant water that stands for at least a week or so can become a good spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Mosquitoes have four stages: egg, larvae, pupae and adult, the first 3 out of 4 occur in water. That is why it is important to make sure to check for any areas where water sits and fix it accordingly. Examples of this include:

- Turning over any buckets, lids, wheelbarrows or other containers.

- If you have a pet who uses a water bowl make sure to dump and refill daily with fresh water

- Keep any protective tarps taught, water will build up on bunched or wrinkled surfaces.

- If you have kids that like to play outside, check to make sure all of their toys are turned over or put away

If you see any low spots, divots or ditches that have trouble draining water try adding soil, sod or a drainage system so that the water will be able to move.

Remove any built up debris (like branches, thatch and leaves) to reduce potential egg laying areas

Do not keep your fire wood laying directly on the ground. Use a firewood rack so that you increase air flow to the wood piles.

Make sure to check your gutters, just because you see water flowing does not mean there are not low points or built up debris that are retaining small amounts.

Replace the water on bird baths at least once a week

Keep your lawn and plants maintained:

  • - When mosquitoes are not sipping on your blood they enjoy taking down some plant nectar which means they spend a lot of time in around bushes, shrubs and tall grass
  • Another reason to keep your landscape trimmed is because when mosquitoes need some down time that like to go to places that are cool and damp. If you have vegetation that is overgrown and heavy, it will create a nice spot for mosquitos to relax. This is why the only rest on the underside of leaves.



Mosquito Guardian of Westchester


The Mosquito Guardians of Westchester have one goal: to keep your home mosquito free.


When you ask for our Mosquito Guardian Mosquito Control treatment, a trained techniciaDSC 0627 2will come to your home to create a mosquito-free barrier that lasts for weeks. We do this by using special backpack foggers with our custom mixed mosquito barrier treatment spray to accurately target all foliage on the property. We do this because mosquitoes, during the day, like to rest on the underside of leaves and in tall grass areas. The spray coats the surfaces and undersides of the foliage to target mosquitos instantaneously while repelling them for weeks. Are treatment is designed to target adult mosquitoes as well as the larvae!


13707713 1733947830190400 1249975994992508588 n During the mosquito control application  the Guardians are trained to spot any  areas which are current or potential  breeding grounds for mosquitos and  treat them accordingly. We will notify  you of any problem areas that we see  that you might need to be addressed.  An example of this would be anywhere  that has constant sitting water or  debris. All a mosquito needs is a bottle  cap of Water to lay eggs so vigilance is key!

We offer One-time mosquito control treatments (great for parties and other outdoor events like graduations, weddings and BBQ's)

Or a complete program that keeps the barrier active for the entire season!


                             Is the Treatment Safe? 

After drying (around 30 minutes after application), all areas treated are safe and ready for use! Which is great if you need a same-day application for an outdoor party!

All of our sprays are comprised of pyrethroids which are synthesized derivatives of the naturally occurring pyrethrins, which are taken from the oleo-resin extract of chrysanthemum flowers known as pyrethrum.

                           Organic Mosquito Control

For everyone who is looking for a eco-friendly solution, The Mosquito Guardians of Westchester offer an organic-based mosquito control program!

Our Organic Mosquito Control programs utilize a special blend of repellent oils and synergists to create an organic mosquito barrier around your home.

For the a seasonal organic mosquito control program applications would be made every 14 days to maintain the same defesive layer as our regular mosquito programs. 



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