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What is wrong with my Plant? Should I replace them? These are two important questions that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars depending on who you ask. This is what happened to the grouping of holly trees, pictured below, that were planted in southern Westchester. The hollies were planted 2 months prior to winter and an anti-transpirant was highly recommended to prevent winter burn on the newly planted trees however the customer declined the treatment deeming that he did not need it. Well unfortunately he was proven wrong and the newly added plant material was hit hard by the harsh winds of winter which dehydrated the leaves.

Now, looking at the first picture below you would have thought the same thing everyone else did that spoke with me: “these things are dead let’s rip em’ out and plant new trees”. However you, like everyone else, would be wrong. I always stress using quality service professionals on your home because and to make smart decisions because what may be cheaper now will cost you more in the long run. Any “mow and blow” or unlicensed landscape company would rip these trees right out and plant new ones. Why? Because they are going to charge you full price for it. A Reputable company insures plantings and will try to save sick plants before replacing because they are smart enough to realize that what killed the plants the first time may kill the new plants as well.

This is where I come into the picture, I was called in to consult on these trees by the Landscape Professional who works on the property. He told me that they were dead and that he wanted me to focus to treating the ones that were only slightly damaged. However, I told him I wanted to take a closer look and as I inspected I saw more and more signs that gave me hope. I told him that the trees were in fact still alive and that I would be able to bring them back. After the initial doubt, he soon realized I may be right after I explained everything to him and because he trusted my opinion he gave me the opportunity to prove my worth. After putting the plants on a precise treatment plan, progress began to appear in the form of flowers, then leaves and before we knew it we had 12 full Hollies again in under a year’s time.

The point I am trying to make is that in this fast moving, price over quality, mcdonalized world we live people tend to neglect a lot of things. If you really care about the outside of your home and want all of your plants to be vibrant and healthy than do not cut corners. New plantings are like children in that they require care and attention. If these pictures prove anything though it is that you should never underestimate Mother Nature because she is capable of things that you never even realised.

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