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Ant-Month: Fun Facts about Ants

Ant-Month: Fun Facts about Ants

Ants, to you they may seem like annoying little critters that exist solely to ruin outdoor meals, but they are so much more than that. Since an Ant-themed super-hero is a thing now I figured what better way to jump on the bandwagon than to give you a little more insight on these fascinating creatures. These facts can be used to educate on why certain pest species of ants may be invading your home and why they seem to come in such large quantities:  

1) Weight-Lifting Champions

This is probably a fairly common fact at this point but according to different estimates, ants can carry 10 - 50 times their body weight! How can something so tiny do that you ask???  Well it is because ants have muscles that are thicker relative to their body size. This means they can produce more force pound-for-pound. To put it in to perspective, if you had the same muscle density as ants you would be able to lift a car over your head no problem.


2) Smarter than the Average Bear

Ants are smart, and when I say smart I mean like really smart. Ants are the animal with the largest brain in proportion to it's size in the entire animal kingdom and are considered the smartest insect on the planet (see I told you!). Ants are also extremely social and organized animals. They are capable of accomplishing large tasks in coordinated groups call “super-organisms”, every one of the millions of ants in a colony have a specific task they accomplish working together with each other and even coordinating with other colonies. How’s that for teamwork!


3) The Silent Treatment

If you were wondering “how do ants communicate?” you’re in luck! (and if you weren’t I am going to tell you anyway). Ants communicate mainly through the use of chemicals which they sense with their antennae. They release pheromones with specific messages, such as “I found food com quick everybody” or “Attack!”. In addition, Ants that share nests recognize one another by the chemicals on their bodies. The queen is coated with a unique blend of chemicals that advertises her presence. Ants can also use touch and vibration to communicate.

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