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Field Points: Quick Tips for Fruit Flies

Field Points: Fruit Flies

Do you have a fruit fly problem? Do these annoying insects constantly hover over you while you are trying to eat? If so try this quick organic treatment from Arrow Environmental:

Supplies: Mason jar, wine (vingar also works), Soap

  1. Take the Mason jar (any cup that you can cover will work) and fill it with a bit of the wine and a small amount of soap, then stir it thoroughly.
  2. Place the lid on the Mason jar and poke holes through the lid.
  3. Place the filled Mason jar near your fruit bowl or where you are currently experiencing the most activity.

Now sit back and watch your 100% safe homemade trap go to work:

That’s it? But how is that going to solve my problem?

The fruit flies are highly attracted to the sugar so the wine will aggressively draw their attention to the Mason jar. The soap in our mixture cuts the surface tension, so as flies go to land on the wine they will sink down in to the liquid and drown.

You can keep this trap out until the problem is gone or the jar is overcrowded with flies.

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