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True or False: Do Bed Bugs Bite in Groups of Three?

True or False: Do Bed Bugs Bite in Groups of Three?

          "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" is a term we are all too familiar with and today I wanted to clarify exactly what to look for when they DO bite. There has been one question I continuously run into when I go on bed bug inspections that I wanted to address today so that the curious may be satisfied and the worrisome may have some peace of mind. That question of course is "Do Bed Bugs Bite in groups of three?" People began referring to this pattern of bumps as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and it is widely believed to be a sign that you have bed bugs lurking in your house.
          I am here to tell you that this is 100% FALSE for a multitude of reasons, the main reason being that it is impossible for bed bug bites look only one way. Everyone reacts to bed bug bites differently, which is why the pest should never be identified by bites alone and anyone who tries to tell you that a bump is definitely a bite should be ignored. Bed bug bites can look and feel like flea or mosquito bites, some people have no reaction at all to bites while others can develop itchy welts that take up to two weeks to heal. Bites can also occur singly, in clumps, or in a line.
          As you can see there is no pattern, shape or Size that can definitely diagnose a bed bug infestation. If you fear you may have bed bugs it is best to call a pest control professional (exterminator) to perform an inspection because the only way to accurately say what's biting you is to find the pest that is doing the biting.

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