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Pest Control Tips: Air-Tight Containers

Pest Prevention

From my experience there is one space inside a home that draws the most attention from all different different types of pests at different times of year. The place I am referring to is the kitchen aka the place where all the food is. While food is not the only reason why the kitchen is so popular for pests, it is one that is a bit problematic to solve for the average homeowner. I mean how do you stop mice, rats or ants from attacking your cereal? All the spray foam and silicone in the world cannot stop certain pests from easily accessible food sources especially in closets and pantires. A lot of pest control companies will simply put all the blame and responsibility on you and say that you are messy and need to clean your kitchen more.

However, I prefer to present solutions inside of assigning blame. Cleaning up crumbs and grease will go a long way to prevent future pest problems there are other steps that need to be taken. How exactly can you protect things like cereal, protein bars or pop tarts from being a sweet treat for bugs and rodents? I recommended purchasing Air-tight containers, they are very affordable and are a major tool for homeowners who are looking to reduce pest activity where they eat. The containers will prevent pests from locating food sources and the strong plastic construction makes them inaccessible to rodents and insects. The see-through nature allows you to keep pantries organized while still knowing what is what.

I was at a home in New Rochelle that always had pest problems in the kitchen. They would get rid of ants only to have meal moths, then mice, then ants again. When I was called in I noticed a lot of exposed food: open boxes of cereal, Oreo cookies with the package opened, etc… After treating the house for ants I recommended containers for the snack foods and after a few months I checked in on the family and there has not been a single problem since. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple steps to solve a pest problem which is why we don’t assign blame, we never settle and we always Aim Higher! 

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