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What is Plant Health Care?


Plant Health Care is a holistic approach to landscape management with the main objective being to grow healthy plant. A plan that forces of growing healthy plants will make them strong which in turn will minimize the effects of harmful pests and plant diseases. Just like everything else, trees and shrubs require regular examination and possible treatment to maintain good health. A good Plant Health Care utilizes the basic premise of integrated pest management and incorporates frequent check-ups, preventative actions, early detection and informed decision making to give you the healthiest landscape possible.


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Scouting is quite possibly the most crucial aspect of any Plant Health 
Care Program. Anyone can be hired to throw some fertilizer on a plant and call it a day but it takes a highly skilled professional to be able to see and truly understand your trees and shrubs individual needs.

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If we recommend an Arrow Environmental PHC Monitoring  Plan your team Arrow technician will routinely visit your  property, attentively checking your trees, plants and  shrubs for any problems. They will spot treat anything  that they find and in the event they discover a problem,  they will notify you and give you their recommendation on  how best to handle it.

Disease and Insect Control:

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The greatest weapon in our arsenal is knowledge, Arrow Environmental’s technicians are expertly trained and well educated in all possible pests and diseases that are active in our region. We use this knowledge to help design our plans based on their activity.

Dumping any random product on a half dead plant is not the Arrow way. The information that we gather from scouting, our choice of product and application technique combine to form a treatment that is effective. The majority of our treatments are eco-friendly and we will only use pesticides if we absolutely have to and never without first discussing it with the property owner.

Plant and Tree Fertilization:
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People tend to underestimate how crucial PROPER fertilization is to plant care. Knowing
 when, where, Why, how much and which type of fertilizer to use is something that not many property owners are privy to. When building strong trees, plants, shrubs or even small annuals, understanding theirs needs is always most important. Too many nutrients is just as harmful to plants as nutrient deficiency and both will end up doing serious damage if not repaired. 
Don’t stress out over fertilizers, let us do the math for you. Our team knows what to look for and is dedicated to providing your property with whatever it needs. 


Soil Repair and Root Feedings:


A strong root systems is crucial in raising strong trees and plants, being responsible for two main functions: Keeping a tree anchored and absorbing water and nutrients. I am sure you can imagine the problems that would arise from one of those being weak. Our root care treatments are custom-made to produce strong roots that will keep your plants healthy and capable of fending off problems.

Soil plays a big part in root development and understanding soil structures is very important in Plant Health Care. Soil affects things like nutrient uptake, water flow and air passage. A heavily compacted soil will suffocate root systems which in turn will destroy the plant. Knowing what soil your property has and how pest to either work with it or repair it can play a big part in Plant Health Programs. We provide soil tests and if we see any major issues we can provide recommendations to address the issues. 




 Deer Repellent

Watering (Water Truck)


Other Services Include:



Root Trenching 

Plant Disease Diagnostics




Arborist Consultation


Tree Protection Plans





Department of environmentalcertified arborist 

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