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An Honest Look at Arrow Plant Health Programs Part 1: Before Pictures

An Honest Look at Arrow Plant Health Programs Part 1: Before Pictures

What is Plant Health Care? Does it even work?

These are two questions I hear a lot from people. Today I am going to share something with you and after you finish reading this article hopefully you can answer whether or not PHC can work. These pictures were taken at a house exactly one year ago today (8/8/2014) at a property located in Westchester. When I took these photos it was about 2 weeks after the first treatment was made. The backyard beds depicted in these photos used to be full of vibrant summer color from all of the flowering shrubs and perennials, however a severe fungal infection prevented a lot of the perennials from coming up and the flowering shrubs were focused on staying alive so they were unable to produce an abundant amount of color.

The Phytophthora Root Rot fungus, which was present in the soil, is one of the hardest hitting diseases in the Horticulture industry. The leaves of plants affected by Phytophthora rot appear drought stressed. Trees or plants often wilt and die rapidly with the first warm weather of the season. Leaves may turn dull green, yellow, or in some cases red or purplish. Any other person would attempt to remove the dying plants and replant with new, healthy duplicates of what was there before. However, since this disease is soil born any plant from the same Genus (Family/type) as the one that was previously planted there would suffer the same fate.

Where others would see a lost cause Arrow Environmental saw potential and we begin a custom treatment plan catered specifically to eradicating all traces of the disease in the soil. Did we succeed? Did some of the plants die? Did all the plants die? These questions will be answered in Part 2 so check back in to see for yourself!

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