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An Honest Look ... Part 2: The Results

An Honest Look ... Part 2: The Results
In the first part of my article I said that a treatment plan began on this property a year ago and here are the results. If you look at the pictures from both articles you can see the difference is clear as day. There are no more discolored and spotted leaves because this year the health of all of the plants has vastly improved. There is a great rise in the number of flowers that were produced by each plant and a lot more of the herbacious perennials came up when last year they stayed dormant. I mean just look at the height difference in the plants some of them doubled in size! 

Just to clarify: No plants were replaced, The pictures were not taken during different seasons they were taken on the exact day that the previous photos were taken, no photo editing was done to either sets of pictures and none of the plants were replaced with new healthy plants. What you are seeing is the postive result of Arrow Environmental's Plant Health Care programs. I can not be more proud of the results I have seen at the home during this past year and I can promise that we will work hard to keep it this way. At Arrow Environmental we aim to provide satisfactory service everytime and we never miss! 

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